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The Five Freedoms


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Animal cruelty is a crime.  Peace officers have the authority to investigate any alleged violation of the laws relative to cruelty to animals. If you suspect a horse is experiencing abuse or neglect, contact your local Sheriff or City Police Department to report your concerns.

• Call the local law enforcement (sheriff, police) to make a complaint. Wait for the law enforcement agency to conduct their investigation and to collect evidence. For your own safety and to preserve evidence, do not trespass or intervene on your own.

• The Animal Humane Society Humane Investigations team is devoted to seeking justice for animals in Minnesota. You can file a complaint by calling (612) 772-9999.

Be specific: When expressing a concern or filing a complaint, be objective and to the point. If known, provide the name, address and phone number of the horse owner or alleged offender. Leave your contact information: If the investigator needs more information, they will contact you.

Contacting rescues: Please DO NOT CALL a rescue as they only take in the animals after a case has been opened by investigators when they need to remove the animals.

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