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Equine Castration Program

The Minnesota Horse Welfare Coalition’s Equine Castration Program provides funding to help with the cost of castrating stallions.


1.  Request castration support by completing the general assistance form.  

2.  Coordinate with your local veterinarian to castrate the stallions.

3.  Approved applicants will be reimbursed  $50 per stallion towards the cost of the equine castrations.  Bills can be e-mailed ( or U.S. mailed: Krishona Martinson, University of Minnesota, 1364 Eckles Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55108.

4.  If a 501c3 equine rescue has a group of three or more stallions and the local veterinarian is amendable to having U of MN vet students participate in the procedures, Contact Krishona Martinson ( or 612-625-6776).  If the students can participate, the rescue may receive additional $50 per castration.

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